Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Power of Prayer

Donation from Anonymous! God 

i.e "love, your Father" or "I got this!"

As has become the norm around here the past several months, today has been a day of extreme highs and lows. The lows don't need to be mentioned right now because the highs are what remind me that our Father knows us each by name and knows what we need and how to provide it for us.  Today I had a personal spiritual fast dedicated to our adoption and to little C.  I kept a constant prayer in my heart and a spiritual focus on the overwhelming weight of this next fee and the current fundraising efforts, raffle, and our upcoming yard sale.  I prayed for guidance of how to make them successful and for stronger faith that He has this under control.  I don't typically share such private and personal things on such a public forum, but because we are now suddenly just $5.00 away from $6500 in our AT fund, I feel it is appropriate.  Another anonymous donor has followed their heart and reached out to bless little "C" with a large donation on the very eve I prayed for it.  And others prayed for it as well, I'm certain. Tomorrow morning I submit the grant request and I filled it out a few hours ago, requesting $6500, even though we only had $6120.  I knew we would get $6500.  My prayers have been answered and I can rest a little but easier tonight. Thank you to yet another adoption angel. I've come to read "Anonymous" now as "your Father" and it helps keep me from going crazy at not being able to thank the individual personally. My heart continues to be so full and I felt I should share. Thanks again to each and every person and each prayer said in our behalf.

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