Monday, September 29, 2014

October Fundraisers! Raised over $2000 so far!

October Fundraisers! Off & Running!
Once AGAIN we are so very grateful for all those who participated in our October Fundraisers so far! I know we hot everyone with a complete WAVE of them and I am so grateful for each and every participant!
We have been doing fundraisers for over a year and I completely understand why we are all running out of steam and extra cash! That is why I sincerely and genuinely cry over every dollar raised at this point.
Please know that if you helped by making a purchase, or by hosting, by sharing or by praying, we thank each and every one of YOU!

Total Raised through Completed Fundraisers: $404
Final Adoption Bug T-shirts Payout: $370
Adopt Together Payout: $500
Anonymous Angels Matching Grant: $1,000
($500 donated/$500 matched)

Total: $2,274
(Since Sept. 25th)
It Takes A Village!
One Dollar at a Time!
We were also blessed to receive an adoption grant for $3500 from "A Gift of Adoption" in October ! This will be paid directly to our agency once we are closer to traveling. What a HUGE blessing this is! (Our ONLY grant so far!)
Here is their link:
October is still Crunch Time! We are so close! His room is ready, his closets are full of toys & clothes, the therapy room is all set, and we are miraculously down to needing only $10,000 to be FULLY FUNDED.
I never thought this day would come! My husband is working LOTS of overtime, and I'm subbing every chance they give me and continuing to sell personal items to get our last fees paid. We've taken out loans, maxed out credit cards and applied for numerous grants.

Greene Family "Buy Now"
Going on Now- Until all items gone
Buy Now- including Compelled Designs Pottery Necklaces!

"Non-Auction Auction" First Come, First Serve!

Buy Now! I'm giving everyone a chance to just BUY the items they want at SLASHED prices!! We don't have the time or energy left to run a full blown auction so here is your chance to score BIG TIME and start checking off people on your Christmas List! (You're Welcome!)
Click Here for Facebook Buy Now!

OCTOBER BUY NOW (Fundraiser Link)

Completed Fundraisers! THANK YOU ALL!

1. Tupperware Party (COMPLETED)
Thank You! Amount Raised: $209

Thank you EVERY ONE! Great Job sharing and Praying!

Thank you Barbara Ingalsbe for Hosting!
Buy from her directly HERE:

2. Jamberry Nail Wraps! (Completed)
Thank YOU! Hostess: Sarah Stephens!
Amount Raised: $135

Check out her Online Store: Sarah Stephens Jamberry Nails

3. Matilda Jane Trunk Show
Thank You! Hostess Amanda Petitt
Amount Raised: $60.00


 4. Adoption Bug T-Shirts - Completed/CLOSED
(Raised over $500 in 9 months)
We began this fundraiser at the beginning of the year. In fact it was one of our very first! We were very sad to hear they decided to close their doors this month and we just feel very grateful we were apart of their legacy of helping families reach their orphans! Thank you, Adoption Bug!

As always we appreciate every single contribution and purchase. If you cannot find something to suit your needs within our fundraisers, please consider supporting our adoption by a direct tax-deductible donation:
on Reece's Rainbow
(Our current "best guess" to be "fully funded"
is an additional $10,000)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

It's a Tupperware Party! Sept 27-Oct 10th!

Wow this adoption journey has taken our family on lots of twists and turns down a curvy path! Now for the second time I'm back to being my 3rd grade self, this time discovering Tupperware parties with my mom and grandma! These are really fun memories for me, and YES, I am that person who searched ETSY high and low to find the brown, orange and yellow stackable cups we had in the 70's... so nostalgic!

Well NOW here we are a *couple* of years later and Tupperware is STILL GOING STRONG and is STILL an AMAZING Choice for so much of your kitchen needs-- not JUST STORAGE!!

We will receive an amazing 40% for every product purchased through the "fundraising catalog" via our link! We are closing in on our last $10,000 for our final fees and we appreciate every single dollar!

Greene Family Tupperware Party!

Thanks for checking it out and invite a friend!

As always if you cannot benefit from one of our fundraisers, please consider a direct donation!

Greene Family on Reece's Rainbow

Monday, September 15, 2014

September Update! Keep the Change Coming!

It's been a pretty busy crazy month but here we are, still plugging along! We have had to regroup and deal with a few setbacks, but we are still working toward our goal of traveling very soon to go get our son! We cannot thank everyone enough for your love, prayers, support, and donations!

Yesterday in a whirlwind miracle we raised $5200 needed for our new agency fees!
Thank you to EVERY ONE who was in ANY way a part of this miracle! I try not to bog people down with the details of our adoption process, but we simply HAD to make this payment and we could not waste a SINGLE day or risk losing EVERYTHING we had worked for over a YEAR toward! 

In addition to raising those fees, we were offered and MET
a $300 matching grant!
THEN we received word that we were being offered

Sometimes there are No Words.

Sooo... we are NOW collecting donations
to meet the $500 matching grant!
Donations should be made through THIS LINK:

Alejandro for the Greene Family
(our link to our Reece's Rainbow FSP)
 For every dollar you donate, someone will match it!

These donations can be used toward our
Chippin' In Across the USA
 campaign and giveaways as well.
(You just need to tell me you donated so I can include your name).

Last month we received an anonymous donation of $1,000 !
Thank you whoever you are!!
I decided to distribute that donation evenly to all the unfinished states in our Chippin' In Fundraiser!
So here are the new charts showing which states are in line
for the next giveaway!

Updated September 15th
THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to
our FIRST 16 states!!
Total Raised so far: $2150 towards "Alejandro"!!

Next goal: States 17-20!
When we have four more completed states we will have another
Every state is at least HALF WAY THERE!!

If we can get ALL 50 states to represent with $60, that will be $3000 toward our last agency fee or travel costs!

You can choose ANY remaining STATE you want-- your birth place, your current stomping grounds, home to your favorite sports team, or even just an underdog state...

Please chip in your Spare Change through our Reece's Rainbow grant page. Here is the link again:
Alejandro for the Greene Family DONATE HERE
Use the PAYPAL LINK at the top right corner
of our Home Page (not visible from most phones)

We will keep collecting until ALL states are FULL!
Each time we complete a group of FIVE states, those who contributed to those 5 states will be included in a giveaway for a $25 gift card of the WINNER's CHOICE!  (Choose your favorite restaurant, store, a Visa gift card)

OR a $25 donation to any child on Reece's Rainbow

OR a $25 charitable donation of YOUR CHOICE!
You name it!
First 5 States Completed:
1. Washington
2. Idaho
3. Utah
4. Virginia
5. New York
Winner of the $25 Gift Card: Amoreena H. (WA)
Second 5 States Completed:
6. Oregon 
7. South Dakota
8. Missouri
9. Illinois
10. Michigan
Winner of the $25 Giveaway:  Courtney B. (MO)
States 11-15 Completed:
11. Indiana
12. Florida
13. California
14. Alaska
15. Ohio
Winner of the $25 Giveaway:  Undisclosed (California!)
States 16-20 Completed:
16. Alabama!
17. ???
18. ???
19. ???
20. ???
Winner of the $25 Giveaway: ???
States 21-25 Completed:
21. ???
22. ???
23. ???
24. ???
25. ???
"THANK YOU" Giveaways!
Once we have filled in ALL the STATES and raised $3000, the following will be given away:
$100 Donated to Reece's Rainbow
for any Family or Waiting Child of YOUR CHOICE !!!!
(Or any adoption fundraiser, You Caring site, etc.) 
view waiting children here:

to Spend anyway you want!!

to spend any way you want!
As always we appreciate every penny!  And most of all we would appreciate your continued PRAYERS! 
PLEASE keep our family, as well as all the families whose adoptions are pending and short on funds in your prayers. These children each deserve a forever family!

THANK YOU for Supporting our Adoption!