Saturday, March 8, 2014

And the Winner Is.....

... lucky number #28 !!  Laura! She is the winner of the ARTWORK GIVEAWAY and in case you are curious she chose THIS beautiful painting!

Please do not be discouraged!! Rumor has it there may be another chance to own some of Debbi's art in our fundraising future!

As of tonight, we have raised $3172 between the ARTWORK GIVEAWAY and our AUCTION!!  This is  HUGE amount!!! A sincere thanks to all those who have donated, whether through the auction or within the last few days.  The icing on the cake was an ANONYMOUS DONOR giving $1500 today!! Talk about shock and awe.  I really wish I knew who to thank- but ultimately it was our Heavenly Father who orchestrated everything and knew who would be inspired to bless this boy's life. That is the amazing thing... He always knows what we need and he has a way to provide it.  I am grateful to that special donor and EACH AND EVERY donor we have had. Thank you.

I am always blown away by the never-ending kindness of everyone.  The only thing that makes me a little sad is when people who simply can't give feel badly.  Can I please reassure you on behalf of myself and EVERY SINGLE adoptive parent I have had the pleasure of knowing that IT'S OKAY. We get it and no one, least of all me, is keeping tabs of who "should've" helped or whatever.  I think part of that comes from my own realization that we are all doing our best to fight our own battles and meet our own obligations. YOU are the only one who knows where your priorities need to be at this moment and where your resources are best needed.  You are the steward over your own sweet children or your pets, or your extended family, or your job, etc.  I am thrilled and grateful for every buck that comes our way, but I trust that you know what you can or can't or just simply are not moved or inspired to do with your hard earned money! So, let go of any guilt and just offer up a pray for us instead that someone who has the spare change WILL find out about our cause and pitch in if they're able!

So for our NEXT giveaway...  I'm thinking about one of my QUILTS!  What do you think?

While I think about that, we have a NEW FUNDRAISER!

It is geared for LOCAL OWENSVILLE residents-


I love our town!!

More details to follow!

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