Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CURRENT FUNDRAISERS !! So many ways to help Create a Family !!

I realize I have been bombarding you with all the ways you can help us raise money for "little C" !  I thought it might help to have them all on one blog post! Click on the links to read the full details!!  Thank you for all the generous donations we have received so far!!

So, here are all of our current fundraisers!  We appreciate each and every dollar donated!  We are currently $1351 away from our full fee due the first week of April ! Now is a GREAT time to clear all the change out from under your cushions and help give "C" the home and family he deserves !!

Buy a T-Shirt ! (Designs being updated soon)!

T-Shirt Quilt Giveaway! ($10 or a "SHARE" on FaceBook or Twitter)
THIS Giveaway Has Ended!  THE WINNER WAS KELLY B.  !!

LOCAL PEEPS - Dinner Raffle for Owensville, MO - Worth $200!   The dinner raffle has ended.  Thank you all who participated! We raised $240 ! The winner was chosen on March 30- Christina A.!

Buy a pair of ILY ASL earrings!
Our special discount for Omar's ILY Earrings has ended, however I have several pairs still for sale!  Earrings range between $10.00 and $15.00, Contact me via facebook or e-mail me at

Thank you, Omar of ILY SIGNS!!

If you feel lead to support our family financially, you can always donate directly to:

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