Saturday, March 15, 2014

Our Next "THANK YOU" Giveaway... A Custom T-Shirt Quilt!

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED!  The Winner was.... Kelly B. !!
Thank you for all those who donated and for Teresa for giving so much time and talent to make this quilt!  This fundraiser brought in over $500 toward Little C! We feel truly blessed!

I LOVE GIVEAWAYS!!  I know you all have your own bills and car repairs and kids' braces and student loans and numerous other financial obligations... so the fact that you choose to donate your hard-earned money to help create "Little C's" family and spread the word to others means a LOT to me!  I feel there are no words to thank each of you enough, so when we have something amazing we can offer as a HUGE "THANK YOU" it makes me feel we are giving something back!

In this case it is one of our cousins on my husband's side that is offering to give back for us!  Teresa Persell is a talented, award-winning quilter and she has generously offered to donate her time, talent, and materials to custom create a one-of-a-kind T-Shirt Quilt for one lucky person! 

Personalized quilts can cost well over $300 as most of you know!

We all have that box of t-shirts we've been saving... from various camps or colleges... favorite 70's rock bands... marathons you've competed in... fav sports teams... probably even adoption fundraisers!  You hate to toss them but they are long past their wearable size or state.  Or maybe you love all those vintage t-shirts in the thrift store but have no idea what to do with them?  Or perhaps you have thought of making your own t-shirt quilt and never gotten around to it?!   Well, here is your chance to score BIG TIME while doing something amazing for our Little C!

Here is an example (t-shirts with no sashing):

And here is a second example (t-shirts with sashing):

Your design will depend on how many t-shirts you submit to the quilting artist and how much sashing (the fabric stripes between t-shirts) you want.  She can use solid/coordinating fabric if you have fewer shirts you want featured.

Like in this one (only used 9 t-shirts):

Guidelines for T-Shirt Quilt:
  • Winner pays to ship their own t-shirts to Teresa Persell
  • Winner can choose any size quilt up to a double/full quilt. (Or agree on a price between you and Teresa to "upgrade" to a larger quilt).
  • Winner allows approximately 6 weeks between the day Teresa receives your t-shirts and completion of the quilt.

You can be included in the THANK YOU T-SHIRT QUILT GIVEAWAY by the following ways:

1)  Donate $10.00 to our Adopt Together grant fund and  leave comment including: "t-shirt quilt"

(If you choose to donate anonymously, that is OK, but then you need to send me an e-mail to showing your donation receipt (I will honor your privacy)).  (With "Adopt Together" you will also have the option of keeping your name and/or private from the public, but I can still see it and there is no need to e-mail me).


2)  Simply share this blog post or one of my FB posts regarding "T-Shirt Quilt Giveaway" on your FB page or blog! Be sure to let me know you've shared it!  You can also "tweet" it!

For every share and/or every $10.00 donated, your name will be added AGAIN to the T-Shirt Quilt Giveaway drawing!

When we have received $300 in **donations, we will draw a name!

CLICK HERE to Donate:
"Adopt Together- Greene Family" 

**Only donations with "t-shirts quilt" in their comment will count toward the giveaway amount.  Other anonymous or unrelated donations will not count toward the $300 goal unless contributor contacts me.  Our updated target is $7500 (currently we have raised $7245 toward our current need of $9000!).

This is an AMAZING KEEPSAKE!!!  Thank you TERESA PERSELL for your very GENEROUS offer !!!

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