Saturday, March 1, 2014

One Way to Donate or Pay for Auction Items: Our Adopt Together Profile

Greene "Adopt Together" Profile

This is the easiest way to contribute to our adoption or pay for auction items through a tax-deductible and reputable crowd-funding platform!  "Adopt Together" will later take all our donations and convert them to a grant they send directly to our Placement Agency (Heartsent Adoption, Inc., Orinda, CA.)

How Does "Adopt Together" work?
Watch This Video

The above LINK was one of the first videos I watched as I sat alone one night with "C's" profile in one hand and an empty checkbook in the other.  I was a full-time student, working part-time, my husband was putting in all the overtime he could just to help keep things steady while I finished school and looked for better employment.  I watched this video and I wept.  I mean seriously WEPT.  I have always had a hard time asking for help, especially monetary help, and yet the desire in my heart and the conviction that this was OUR SON was undeniable. I knew if this was to happen that we could not do it alone.  Yet I also knew there are hundreds of worthy causes out there and not enough people to help everyone out.  I knew there were personal struggles and financial difficulties many friends and family were each facing.  I knew we would be at the mercy of strangers in many ways if we were to make the commitment to apply and move forward.

As I sit here realizing how close we are, and knowing the biggest obstacle is a STACK of MONEY.  It is daunting and humbling but it is ONLY MONEY and it is POSSIBLE.  I re-watch this little video and I again weep.  I weep because I never thought we would make it this far.  I weep because we just finished a fundraising auction which (if everyone pays what they bid) will have raised more than TWICE what my HIGHEST DREAMS were.  It is HUMBLING. It is a MIRACLE. And it keeps me going.

I know that we will be blessed with the grants and money we need to bring our child home.  I haven't the foggiest idea HOW but I know we WILL.  We ask for your PRAYS and continued support as we continue to wait for GRANT results and APPLY for new ones; and prepare for our YARD SALE, and PRAY for GENROUS and ABLE DONORS to be part of this great cause.  We BELEIVE in PRAYER and we believe if we keep doing everything in our power first, that our Father in Heaven will meet us the rest of the way.  Just as He ALWAYS has.



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