Friday, January 24, 2014


I have been working around the clock trying to secure items and spread the word for this auction on Facebook!  I still have lots of items to list and I am praying that others can help me spread the word!

The auction can be found here:

Greene Family Deaf Adoption Auction

I have been once again overwhelmed by the kindness and participation of complete strangers as well as family and friends to help me make this happen!  The hardest part is helping to spread the word.  I have visited other auction sites and they have hundreds of people involved who have "liked" the page!  I am very (VERY) grateful I have hit 40 !  And I know many of those are moral support rather than potential buyers.  (Which is awesome because I feel like I am getting a big hug and a push from them !)

Here are just a few of the dozens of items we have listed so far!

Customized Adoption T-Shirt donated by Zoey's Attic

"I Love You" ASL Earrings by Beatrizi Fashions

Scented Autism Awareness Soaps from Magical Healing

BYU Wipes Holder donated by Shiny Hiney!

BULLS Onesie Dress (size 12 mos.) by Quilts by Kym!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Adoption Bug T-Shirts!! (Fundraiser)

This Fundraiser will go until APRIL 7th! 
Adoption Bug - Greene Family
I am sooo excited about this fundraiser.  Maybe it's the cute name and maybe it's because it was one of the easiest to apply for!  Who knows.... in any event we appreciate you checking it out and sharing it with anyone and everyone!!

In order for us to receive a portion of each t-shirt sold, you must buy it from OUR PROFILE page, and not just any t-shirt you see from other pages.  Here is the link...

We would like to encourage anyone who see this to please post a link to your Facebook page or share it somehow!!  Thank you!!!

I admit this is my favorite design even though I am not a brown t-shirt kind of person! Did I mention our waiting child is Deaf? We are not sure if he will ever be able to communicate through sign language, but we really hope so!

Fundraisers and Other Ways to Follow Us...

Do you know anyone who loves coffee?
If so, here is one of the fundraisers we have going....
We have a Facebook page that is for our adoption....

Please feel free to stop by and share it with anyone who may be able to benefit from it or may be able to support us in some way!!  Thank you!!

We also have an "Adopt Together" page.  This allows us to receive monetary donations that will then be converted into a grant for our adoption.  In order to set up a profile on this site the couple (or individual) must have completed their home study and submitted it to the site.

Sometimes it takes a village... to CREATE a FAMILY!

I have been meaning to start this blog ever since we first decided to take this path toward adoption, but several things have prevented me from doing so.  Not the least of which was time and a reliable laptop.  But more than that was (a) the fear of "jinxing" the entire process by actually documenting what being an adoptive mom and dad would mean to us, and (b) not being able to think of a good name for my blog!  I know that sounds silly, but I really couldn't think of anything that encapsulated how this journey has made me feel without being too cliché.  Then in the months that followed I became all too aware of how little I was capable of doing alone to make this happen.  After every single donation, every act of assistance, every prayer and good wish, I kept hearing myself saying "Forget about RAISING a child.... sometimes it 'takes a village' just to GET a child!" And then I knew what I wanted to focus on.  It has truly taken an entire village to create our family.  This realization is amazing and humbling and scary... and VERY cool.

I hope that this blog will be able to help others understand more about the adoption process according to our experiences as well as allow me a forum to thank all those who have been part of the process.  The past six months have been a non-time flurry of activity, demands, payments, phone calls, forms, rules, stress and at times despair and confusion.   And after all that, we are not even a third or fourth of the way through yet.  We have completed our home study, and we have a waiting child that is "reserved" for us, but we are still waiting for an official referral, which comes after we submit our Dossier. And we can't do that until we received our I800A approval.  We expect that in March or April.  That gives us a couple of months to raise and earn the remaining money needed and to try to prove we haven't lost our sanity in the process.

So, hold on to your hat things are going to get even crazier!!!