Thursday, July 10, 2014

Current Fundraisers ~ Bringing "A" HOME!

WOW.  It's finally here!  We are coming face to face with the final couple of months before meeting our son. There truly are no words ! With your help we have traveled this year-long journey together and we have accomplished so much ! Once again we thank you for your help~ your encouragement, your prayers, your financial donations. Each and every person who has taken the time to support us in some way has literally changed this boy's life forever.

Together we have risen to this seemingly impossible challenge and already paid over $30,000 toward our adoption.  If you are not typically a believer in miracles, you should be now.  It has been through hundreds of people stepping up and through the power of God that we are so close!

What remains now is our last installment of fees for our adoption agency. (Estimate is $11,000). If you are interested in helping us in this final stage of bringing our son home, here is a list of our current fundraisers!  We will be continuing to raise money through September and hoping to be approved for travel in October.

Chippin' In Your Loose Change - STILL ACTIVE
Everyone has loose change! This is one way to make the most of it!

Simply donate your loose change here:  
Adopt Together for Greene Family  (tax deductible)
or via PayPal (NOT tax deductible) at:

When donating, indicate in your comment which of the remaining states you'd like your donation to go toward. For every $5.00 you donate, you will be counted in the giveaways.
There is a $25 giveaway for every 5 completed states! Once we reach $3000 there are several larger giveaways!  So far we have completed 15 states and we have a ways to go! Please consider bringing an empty container to your work or local gas station or anywhere and helping us collect change for sweet "A"! (More details can found at the above link).

Buy a T-shirt !!    STILL ACTIVE
Our Adoption Bug t-shirts will be on sale through August 8th. There are 6 different designs. Your order will be processed right away, no waiting for a quota to be met or a deadline.

Teachers Pay Teachers ~ Instant Classroom Downloads
This link takes you to our "Teachers Pay Teachers" Fundraiser!
There you can preview TWO jam-packed BUNDLES of  instant downloads geared toward all the K-2 teachers, home schoolers and parents out there! This runs through the month of JULY ONLY!  Please, please, please tell every teacher, educator or mom you know about this GREAT DEAL !! It truly is a WIN /WIN!  And a whopping 85% of the price goes to bringing our little guy home !

COMPLETED - Each Family Received $210! THANK YOU!
5/5/5 Family through Reece's Rainbow
This link takes you to an amazing movement to help not only our family, but FOUR ADDITIONAL FAMILIES who are currently adopting and traveling SOON!  Your $5 donation will be joined with ALL the donations made between July 5th and August 4th (my BIRTHDAY! ), and then each family will receive 1/5 of those donations! This is a BRAND NEW initiative to help bring orphans home, helping 5 families at a time, through $5 at a time... and we are thrilled to be part of the very first group! This will be most successful if EVERYONE helps SHARE IT and signs up for reoccurring $5 donation! To learn more, and to "like" them on Facebook, click here: 5/5/5 for Families on Facebook

Final Online Adoption Auction
Coming SOON!  Stay tuned for dates on our final Facebook online adoption auction!
To be sure you don't miss it, go "like" this page:
Greene Family Auction

Tax-deductible donations can always be made to either these:
Reece's Rainbow~ Alejandro for the Greene Family
Adopt Together~ Greene Family

Direct donation (NOT tax-deductible) via PayPal:

As I stated, between now and the beginning of October, we need to raise approximately $20,000 to be "fully funded."  In case you're wondering where that number comes from, that figure includes the following costs:

Placement Agency final fees and post placement costs
Home Study Agency post placement costs (4 visits over 2 years)
In-Country legal fees
In-Country agency's admin. & service fees
Orphanage fees
Our VISA's
In-Country lodging & food (5-8 weeks in-country)
In-Country daily expenses (taxis, guide, translators, etc.)
In-Country travel
Child's medical
Child's Visa/passport
Child's airfare, parents' flight change fees/additional luggage fees
Child's needs ~ clothing, diapers, medicine
Judge/Court Fees
Translation fees
Legal Documents
Readoption fees in USA
Household bills during absence
Dog sitter cost

These are just some of the costs involved in this last stage of international adoption.
Thank you for any contribution you can make to helping us bring home our little boy!

Denise & Charles :)

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