Monday, June 30, 2014

COMPLETED!! Thank You! (TpT Fundraiser)

July was a bittersweet month... but through it all- through the ups and downs, through disappointments and more red tape, my heart was constantly uplifted and encouraged through this amazing fundraiser!
None of you can possibly imagine the impact your single acts have had. I keep thinking of ripples in a pond when a pebble is thrown. Your generosity blessed our family, and more importantly you have literally changed the future of this boy, our precious son, this child of God. 
To you who bought downloads, it may have felt like you were getting a great deal and making a $10 or $20 or $30 donation. But you are wrong. This was not simply a monetary blessing, it was more. SO MUCH MORE.

This month long rally for our son's future was a spiritual affirmation that we are in fact still on the right path and we are not supposed to give up. (And boy there are times you want to give up).
I still fill with tears when I think of each of you. And I want you to know you made a difference. This was more than a donation, this was yet another miracle along our adoption journey.
Each and every teacher who contributed their talents without any compensation, we thank you.

Each person who shared this fundraiser with friends and colleagues, we thank you.

Each person who purchased these downloads, we thank you.

Please continue to pray for our family. Pray for those involved in the decision process. Pray for our sweet, precious, innocent boy whose heart is being prepared for changes he cannot imagine or understand. And thank you.
JULY is our son's Birthday Month !!!
Happy Birthday Sweet Boy !!!

This time last year we thought for sure we would be spending this birthday with him and while it is sad we aren't, the knowledge that it is his last birthday without us brings MUCH COMFORT! We also believe that God has this timed in His way, and every week we are away from our son, He is preparing US and HIM for our meeting and union to be a success. We try to focus on how far we have come since last year! We are VERY CLOSE to getting the final stages underway and making BIG TRAVEL PLANS!!

Well, what better way to kick off his BIRTHDAY MONTH than with an AMAZING FUNDRAISER that just so happens to be a HECK OF A SAVINGS for all the Kindergarten - 2nd grade teachers, homeschoolers, and parents that you know? 
Here is the LINK:
(This Fundraiser has ended, thank you all who made it a HUGE SUCCESS!)
And here is the SCOOP....
This fundraiser is too good to be true! It is simply UNLIKE ANYTHING ELSE I'VE SEEN as adoption fundraisers go!  And ALL the proceeds will go toward our final expenses to bring our son home! (A whopping 85% of all sales!!!).

If any of you are familiar with "Teachers Pay Teachers" then you will know what a wealth of amazing products and resources are to be found on that website!  I have been extremely blessed to have been offered a great fundraising opportunity by none other than Deedee Wills , a Kindergarten Goddess, a Blogger Extraordinaire and Creator of all things AMAZING.
She has reached out to her esteemed colleagues and together they have donated to our cause $140 worth of resources...A. MAZ. ING.
Here are the amazing TpT authors responsible for making this possible! PLEASE visit their stores and show them some LOVE!!

I would like to thank each of them profusely for their generous sharing of their talents to help us become a family!

Babbling Abby
Deanna Jump
Natalie Kay
Fab 4
The Teacher Wife
Michelle Oakes
One Extra Degree
Deedee Wills
Primary Graffiti
Erica Bohrer
Sarah Cooley

Anna Brantley
Cara Carroll
Amy Lemons
Elizabeth Hall-Kickin' it in Kindergarten
Hope King
Rachelle Smith
Growing Kinders
Kim Adsit
Katie King-Queen of the First Grade Jungle
This will go on for the ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY!!!

This fundraiser will be one of our LAST CHANCES to RAISE almost $20,000 we need for our final fees, as well as our traveling expenses!!! That is a TON of mullah! But it IS POSSIBLE!!!

With YOR HELP we can spread this fundraiser far and wide! Every single town has teachers! Every single family has kids! And at this price they are a STEAL!!!
For our family and for our precious son... and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

And for more great teacher hints and ideas (and yes, FREEBIES!), check out Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten HERE!

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