Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chippin' in for Little C !!!

Updated September 15th
THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to
our FIRST 16 states!!
Total Raised: $1900 towards Little C!! 

We are still working on States 17-20! When we have four more completed states we will have another $25 GIVEAWAY!
Every state is at least HALF WAY THERE!!

Let's reach all four corners of the USA!  If we can get ALL 50 states to represent with $60, that will be $3000 toward our last agency fee or travel costs!

That is just 6 people from/in/representing each state donating $10.00 of pocket change!

You can of course choose ANY STATE you want-- your birth place, your current stomping grounds, home to your favorite sports team, or even just an underdog state...  

When you donate, please include which state you would like it designated to.

Please chip in your Spare Change through PayPal, (choose "send money to friends and family" for no fees) by clicking on the PayPal link in the upper right corner of our blog page.

We will keep collecting until ALL states are represented!

Each time we complete a group of FIVE states, those who contributed to those 5 states will be included in a giveaway for a $25 gift card of the WINNER's CHOICE!  (Choose your favorite restaurant, store, a Visa gift card, iTunes, ETSY... or a $25 donation to any child on Reece's Rainbow or a charitable donation of YOUR CHOICE! You name it!)

First 5 States Completed:
1. Washington
2. Idaho
3. Utah
4. Virginia
5. New York
Winner of the $25 Gift Card: Amoreena H. (WA)
Second 5 States Completed:
6. Oregon 
7. South Dakota
8. Missouri
9. Illinois
10. Michigan
Winner of the $25 Giveaway:  Courtney B. (MO)
States 11-15 Completed:
11. Indiana
12. Florida
13. California
14. Alaska
15. Ohio
Winner of the $25 Giveaway:  Undisclosed (California!)
States 16-20 Completed:
16. Alabama!
17. ???
18. ???
19. ???
20. ???
Winner of the $25 Giveaway: ???
"THANK YOU" Giveaways!
Once we have filled in ALL the STATES and raised $3000, the following will be given away:
$100 Donated to Reece's Rainbow
for any Family or Waiting Child of YOUR CHOICE !!!!
(Or any adoption fundraiser, You Caring site, etc.) 
view waiting children here:

to Spend anyway you want!!

to spend any way you want!
As always we appreciate every penny!  And most of all we would appreciate your continued PRAYERS!  We still have several undetermined grants we are waiting to hear from and we believe strongly in the power of prayer.  PLEASE keep our family, as well as all the families whose adoptions are pending and short on funds in your prayers. These children each deserve a forever family!

THANK YOU for Supporting our Adoption!

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