Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Update! Last Chance Fundraising in January!

Hi Everyone! Thank you for stopping by and thank you all for your continued support throughout the last 18 months!  I have been wanting to post an update for awhile, but the last 2 months have been very hectic, and to be honest quite emotional, discouraging and stressful.  I don't really enjoy writing posts that aren't upbeat or positive or at least full of some hope! But the adoption journey is not all rainbows and glitter. :)  It's inundated with stress, disappointments and delays.

That being said... I am going to focus on the positive! Our current status: I-800 submitted to USCIS!

Next steps: Receive I-800 approval
Complete DS 260
Complete Article 5
Make travel reservations/buy tickets!
Get our Visas!
Get or SON!

Due to the fact that families do not know how long they will stay in our son's country, it is hard to have an exact figure for our "fully funded" amount. However, the best we can figure we are between $10,000 and $13,000 from having everything covered- in country legal fees and administrative fees, our child's passport, visa, and medical exams, daily costs for food and taxis, airfare and lodging, adoption paperwork and document fees, etc. We of course also are saving as much as we can to cover our mortgage and lost wages during our absence.


We are preparing for one more shebang- huge blowout fundraiser to be held locally ! We are planning to assemble themed baskets and offer other amazing items and we could use YOUR HELP!


We have all gotten gifts that we appreciate but.. well, maybe just don't really need, right? Let's face it, Christmas is a time of impulse buying and overindulgence for MANY!  When the aftermath hits we are usually surrounded by stuff, stuff and more STUFF! Well, instead of standing in line for hours in the return lane, why not donate those wonderful treasures to our January 'Last Chance' Fundraiser?!

I'm hoping if everyone can donate a couple of items, I can assemble some INCREDIBLY AWESOME themed baskets to raffle or use in a silent auction- ANYTHING would be amazing- toys, bath & beauty, baby, sweets, teachers, candles, gift cards... Anything new (or gently used) would be appreciated and help us make it across the finish line!

Send Items to:
Greene Family Adoption
P.O. Box 219
Owensville, MO


YES!!! We could sincerely use your prayers on our behalf.

PLEASE KEEP PRAYING for our son, for our process and for our fundraising. We have seen many miracles happen when our friends, family and prayer warriors have prayed for us and we appreciate it so much.

I am also sending out letters this week to local businesses and organizations hoping for some volunteers to help me organize and run the event, as well as praying for some end of the year tax-deductible donations. The stress of all that we have done in the last 18 months has really been catching up with me and I know I need HELP to pull this last miracle off!

Donations on ANY AMOUNT can be made through this link:
Or to avoid PayPal fees you can make a check out to Reece's Rainbow and mail it to our P.O. Box address above. Thank you!

Donate Online HERE - Alejandro for the Greene Family

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