Saturday, September 27, 2014

It's a Tupperware Party! Sept 27-Oct 10th!

Wow this adoption journey has taken our family on lots of twists and turns down a curvy path! Now for the second time I'm back to being my 3rd grade self, this time discovering Tupperware parties with my mom and grandma! These are really fun memories for me, and YES, I am that person who searched ETSY high and low to find the brown, orange and yellow stackable cups we had in the 70's... so nostalgic!

Well NOW here we are a *couple* of years later and Tupperware is STILL GOING STRONG and is STILL an AMAZING Choice for so much of your kitchen needs-- not JUST STORAGE!!

We will receive an amazing 40% for every product purchased through the "fundraising catalog" via our link! We are closing in on our last $10,000 for our final fees and we appreciate every single dollar!

Greene Family Tupperware Party!

Thanks for checking it out and invite a friend!

As always if you cannot benefit from one of our fundraisers, please consider a direct donation!

Greene Family on Reece's Rainbow

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